Rebecca Rae McElroy was born February 2, 1991. She loved music as a young child and loved to sing. When she was 12 her father bought her very first guitar. She quickly learned how to play by ear and began writing music. Rebecca was in choir throughout her middle school years and competed in talent shows until high school. In 2009 and 2010 she competed in The Barn in Sanfords Country Showdown and made top 20.

When it came time for Rebecca to make her first Demo, she went to Studio Live USA to record. While there she met her soon to be manager Michael Zdanowicz who immediately saw the raw talent she had and signed her to the Galaxy Class Entertainment Family. Plans for an album are in the works.

Rebecca is a mother to two children, who mean the world to her. Sharing her music with the world has always been a dream. “If I could be on stage even for one night, with a sold-out show and having every person singing back my lyrics to me, that would be my biggest dream come true. ”
– Rebecca McElroy